Belgium is a country trójjęzycznym. In the nineteenth century, one of the incentives for the creation of that country was the Catholic religion, because for the people of Flanders was unacceptable anti-Calvinism Netherlands. Anticlerical movement initially developed poorly there, then began to step up to the French model.

In Belgium today with the Church rzymskokatolickim identified about 50-55 percent. population, but only 8-9 percent. participates in regular religious practices. 1.5-2 percent. Belgians confesses Protestantism (mainly Calvinism), and another 1 percent. Belgians are linked with other Christian religions. 3,5-4 percent. are Muslims and 1 percent. to Jews, hinduiści, sikhowie and buddyści. A large part of the Belgians to a person declares atheistic rationalism, agnosticism, or referred to as wolnomyślicieli.


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