Belgium – travel guide with tips for your holiday

In the coastal region is the oceanic climate with relatively cool summers and mild winters. Further inland, and thus from the moderating influences maritime removed prevail greater temperature fluctuations. In the Ardennes, the comparatively cold winter. High rainfall recorded almost exclusively the higher-lying parts of the country. The most rainy months are the April and November. The mean annual temperature in Brussels is located at 10 ° C, in January the average temperature is 2.2 ° C, in July 17.8 ° C. The average annual rainfall is in deeper layers at 699 millimeters, in the Ardennes, up to 1 500 millimeter achieved.

Thrive on sandy soils dune grasses, heaths and pine forests, these were mostly in the context of reforestation measures planted. On clay subsoil dominate oak, beech and elm. In the High Fens, a mountainous east of the country, because there are impermeable Tonböden moors. Many species are responsible for the central European fauna typical. Among the predators are Rotfuchs, badgers, otters and weasels other species, in the Ardennes still live wild cats. Biungulates are deer, red and Damhirsche. About 600 square kilometers of the country are protected.

Belgium has about 10.3 million inhabitants (2004). The population density is 342 inhabitants per square kilometer, one of the highest in Europe. Most densely populated industrial centers Brussels, Antwerp, Liege and Ghent and the industrial region between Mons and Charleroi. The median life expectancy is 75.3 for men and for women 81.8 years (2004). The annual growth of the population amounts to around 0.2 percent.


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